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Ever wonder if the lottery numbers you play everyday have actually already hit, before you started playing them?

Would you play "5 12 43 52 55 10" on your Powerball ticket if you knew they had already hit on Nov 23rd 2013? I would think not! While it's entirely possible that the same six numbers can draw more than once, it simply doesn't happen, or if it does, not very often.

Well, now you can check them before you play them. See how many times the individual lottery numbers have hit, how many times 2, 3, 4, 5 or all your numbers have drawn together, if at all.

Last thing you want is to be playing six numbers on your Mega Millions ticket that have already drawn back in 2009 or whenever !!

Our number lookup programs for each of the state lottery games listed in the menu column on the left, will allow you to lookup statistics on the numbers you are playing. Including individual number statistics, pair combinations, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of kind combinations!

Another thing to consider are Odd vs. Even statistics.

For example…

In the Powerball drawings, look at the Odd vs. Even numbers drawn.

As of 02/05/2014 these are the Odd vs. Even stats:
Including the PowerBall:
6906 Odd numbers have been drawn, and 6744 Even numbers have been drawn.
6 Even / 0 Odd Drawings: 22
5 Even / 1 Odd Drawings: 208
4 Even / 2 Odd Drawings: 516
3 Even / 3 Odd Drawings: 722
2 Even / 4 Odd Drawings: 564
1 Even / 5 Odd Drawings: 214
0 Even / 6 Odd Drawings: 29

NOT Including the PowerBall:
5745 Odd numbers have been drawn, and 5630 Even numbers have been drawn.
5 Even / 0 Odd Drawings: 56
4 Even / 1 Odd Drawings: 335
3 Even / 2 Odd Drawings: 722
2 Even / 3 Odd Drawings: 743
1 Even / 4 Odd Drawings: 358
0 Even / 5 Odd Drawings: 61

The important statistic is the 3 Even / 3 Odd: 722 statistic, when including the powerball. Telling you that you should be playing six numbers that has a 3 Even and 3 Odd number combination.

Click Here to get more Powerball Drawing Statistics

Our statistic programs generate the Odd vs. Even statistics for each of the state lottery games listed. In each lottery games sections, we also show Hot / Cold statistics, Number Spreads, and number group/range statistics. Just choose your state's lottery selection in our menu system to the left and see all those stats and more!

We currently have programs for PowerBall, Mega Millions, Arizona Fantasy 5, California Super Lotto, California Fantasy 5, Connecticut Cash 5, Florida Lotto, Florida Mega Money, Florida Fantasy 5, Georgia Fantasy 5, Idaho Weekly Grand,Indiana Cash 5, Iowa Cash 5, Louisiana Easy 5, Mass Cash, Minnesota Gopher 5, New Jersey Cash 5, New York Lotto, New York Take Five, Texas Cash 5, Tri State Gimme 5(ME,NH,VT), Wisconsin Badger 5. We will be adding other state lottery tools in the future.

Please Note: Our numbers database is updated nightly(when feeds are available), and as accurately as possible. Mistakes and internet problems happen. If feeds are not available, updates may require manual entry, done once or twice a week. Therefore you should ALWAYS confirm your numbers with the official lottery websites !! See our Lottery Links Page for links to official state lottery websites.

Mega Millions last updated: 2015-01-23
Powerball last updated: 2015-01-24
Individual State "Cash 5" and/or Lotto games last updated: 2015-01-18

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